The best way to do Data Science is by doing Data Science

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Data science is indeed one of the most popular concentrations for students/ working professionals in 2021. Though, people tend to rush things instead of having a plan to kickstart their data science journey.

Here, I’ll provide a path and a list of core concepts that beginners and enthusiasts can follow to have a productive learning journey.

Do not waste a lot of time only on fundamentals but focus more on Implementing ideas and practices.

Here we go!


Yes, you did hear it right! The universe is indeed Maths, or that’s what we believe. …

A beginner’s approach to solving Kaggle’s classic Tabular Playground Series problem for the month.

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TPS is a beginner friendly, monthly competition by Kaggle with simple tabular datasets.
This month’s problem came with a similar dataset as TPS-May but with increased observations, increased features, and increased class labels.
I’ll be demonstrating a simple problem solving approach for beginners to go through such problems in future.

  • Read about the competition, verify data files.
    Firstly, we should know that these competitions are unranked and without a prize. The only thing we win across the month is a lot of learning and networking.
    Also, do not forget to verify data files as mentioned in the competition description.
  • Importing…

Beautiful sunset at Kaup Beach

Generally, visitors are looking for an attainable escape of the hustle and bustle of the busy nearby cities. So, we decided to go on a Karnataka tour. Mangalore is a port city that promises to keep uplifting your spirits every minute you spend in this city. The “Kaup” beach (pronounced as Kapu) in the district of Udupi near Mangalore was an interesting site to visit. This beach is on the shore of the Arabian Sea. It has a lighthouse, which makes the area even more attractive.

How to reach Kaup

By Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore. …

Ayan Tiwari

Incoming MSIM Graduate Student @UIUC | EY | DTU 2018

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